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HubSpot customers occasionally need specialized support from an experienced agency partner.

Bayard Bradford is a “full platform” HubSpot partner offering strategy, consulting, advanced implementations, integrations, training and adoption.

Fast facts about Bayard Bradford

Our B2B client base reflects a range of middle-market companies ($100mm to $500mm) in technology, industrial, distribution, manufacturing, professional services, oil and gas, engineering and construction.

Majority of clients are owned by private equity.

We joined HubSpot agency partner program in January 2017, and reached Diamond tier in 2019.

Certified HubSpot Connect Platform Partner.

Expertise in integrating HubSpot with cloud databases and cloud apps.

2019 HubSpot Global Partner Advisory Council member

2019 Houston HubSpot User Group leader

How can Bayard Bradford help your customers?

Driving collaboration between marketing and sales

Sustainable Revenue growth for B2B sales requires close collaboration between sales and marketing. No more silos. Sales and marketing share the responsibility for campaign planning and execution.


Collaboration on campaign design and deployment accelerates lead gen and goes beyond the promises of an SLA to ensure MQLs are handed off successfully.


For example, at Allied Reliability we designed and deployed a team campaign planning process. Each campaign team is led by the salesperson who “owns the number” and the marketing person responsible for campaign implementation. This allowed for setting SMART goals; messaging and sales enablement materials were specified collaboratively. Workflow automations were built to meet the needs of both marketing and sales. The result? A pipeline full of high potential leads from targeted Fortune 500 accounts, seamless handoff of MQLs to sales, and an accelerated sales process.

Revenue growth for Private Equity-owned businesses

We understand the needs and drivers of private equity-owned businesses. We’ve done complex integrations (4 into 1, 6 into 1, 7 into 1) for PE-owned companies involving branding, websites, CRM, marketing and sales. We’ve done the reverse, too — “carve-outs” for companies that have sold off divisions.

Ontellus was formed in 2016 through the acquisition of five companies by Keais Records Retrieval. We managed the rebranding process, integrated Zoho and Salesforce CRMs, implemented HubSpot Marketing Professional, and developed the new ontellus.com website on the HubSpot CMS.

HubSpot and Salesforce: Advanced CRM implementation and integration

In addition to HubSpot, we work extensively in Salesforce CRM.

  • Custom Salesforce object development.
  • HubSpot-to-Salesforce integrations, including custom object synchronization with HubSpot
  • “Rip and replace” Salesforce with Sales Hub.

We recently saved Relevant Solutions $300k annually in licensing costs by migrating them from Salesforce to HubSpot CRM. W are now rolling out Sales Hub Professional licenses and driving user adoption.

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Datawarehouse.io: The “easy button” for HubSpot integrations and migrations

HubSpot users shouldn’t have to spend hours importing and exporting data, developing APIs or maintaining iPaaS services. Datawarehouse.io by Bayard Bradford is the simplest and most cost-effective solution for syncing with HubSpot’s database.


Datawarehouse.io installs and maintains HubSpot API connections for users. Just a couple of clicks starts regular synchronization of your HubSpot data with your private, secure Azure SQL data warehouse. Once there, any cloud application with a SQL connector can immediately sync with your HubSpot data. No need to use costly third-party ETL services. No need to develop or maintain API software. Setup and support included at no extra charge. Starts at $99 a month.

HubSpot to HubSpot data migrations:
Our HubSpot-optimized data warehouse can be used to facilitate the rapid migration of data from one HubSpot portal to another.


Salesforce CRM to HubSpot CRM migrations:
Our Salesforce CRM experience goes back to 2009. We’ve migrated tens of thousands of contacts, accounts, opportunities, leads, attachments, events, tasks and activities from Salesforce to HubSpot, including custom fields/properties.

Connecting HubSpot To BI Software

Using business intelligence software (Power BI) and cloud integrations, we give executives visibility into their sales pipeline, forecast versus actuals, contracts, quotes, even collections, updated automatically using dashboards with the drill-down reporting they need to manage the business.

Power BI business analytics and data visualization logo
Tableau interactive data visualization software logo

Copy our email snippet to introduce a client to Bayard Bradford’s services.

Customer Success: Recovering at-risk HubSpot accounts

Have a customer who is stuck? Call us. We specialize in working with HubSpot customers that may or may not already have a marketing agency but are having trouble getting the most out of HubSpot. This usually occurs when one or more HubSpot power users leave the company, leaving a considerable and sudden gap in knowledge and leadership. This also occurs when an agency is working with a customer but is lacking expertise in areas of need.

Recent Examples

J Turner Research
We were brought in by another HubSpot agency to provide sales process design, sales coaching and sales enablement services. We now collaborate with the other HubSpot agency to help them run inbound campaigns that successfully support sales initiatives.

CourthouseDirect.com has worked with another HubSpot agency. They decided that partner does not have the technical proficiency to integrate HubSpot with their other business databases and internally developed applications. We are being brought in to help upgrade and integrate the company’s technical infrastructure, including HubSpot.

Our Leadership

CEO John Elmer spent over 30 years in marketing consulting, including several years as an interim CMO (see LinkedIn). His data-driven, sales-focused approach to revenue growth sets us apart from digital marketing agencies.

Interested in introducing Bayard Bradford to a HubSpot client or prospect?

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Email snippet for HubSpot Hub support:

Hi X,

I’d love to introduce you to Bayard Bradford, a HubSpot Agency Partner with a strong focus on our CRM and Sales Hub product support. On top of customizing the CRM to your sales process, Bayard Bradford helps make salespeople productive and performance visible from lead to invoice, truly working to automate as many of your systems as possible.

Well versed on the marketing end too, they’ll be sure to match any marketing efforts to fully support your sales team’s goals. Please reach out to John Elmer, CEO at Bayard Bradford, for an initial review.

His email is [email protected] or you can schedule a meeting with him here.

Email snippet for integrations:

Hi X,
I’d love to introduce you to Bayard Bradford, a HubSpot Agency Partner and Connect Partner with expertise in integrating HubSpot with various apps and databases. They might be a good fit for your situation. For enterprise data integrations, they designed a HubSpot-optimized SQL data warehouse that eliminates the need to connect through the HubSpot APIs. Please feel free to reach out to John Elmer, CEO at Bayard Bradford, for an initial review. His email is [email protected] or you can schedule a meeting with him here.