Generate Qualified Leads with Digital Marketing


Industrial and B2B companies once relied on trade advertising, industry directories and high-cost trade shows to find leads. Today, buyers increasingly find their suppliers on the web. That’s something we can help your company with.


Bayard Bradford helps companies in oil and gas, technology, manufacturing, industrial services and distribution use digital marketing and sales automation to attract the right leads and drive more sales.

We’re a fit if you want to…


  • Use digital marketing technologies to amplify your sales process
  • Cut waste from your advertising and promotional budgets 
  • See your website rank higher on search engines and draw the right kind of traffic
  • Generate qualified leads online and get them to salespeople for immediate followup
  • Get visibility into your revenue pipeline 
  • Drive accountability in your sales process

Digital Marketing


What’s in your digital marketing technology stack?

Today’s data-driven marketing lives and breathes technology. Sustainable online revenue generation means designing, deploying and operating an integrated set of marketing software tools – your marketing technology stack.

When your CRM, marketing automation platform and website are working in sync, your industrial company is ready to implement Industrial Grade Digital Marketing. Learn More

Sales Enablement


Does it feel like your salespeople aggressively wait for the phone to ring?

As you begin to generate a steady stream of inbound leads through your website, we need to equip your team with the strategies and tools to close them as customers and become a more efficient sales team. After all, this work is only as good as the revenue it produces. Learn More

Growth Stack


We implement and maintain a combination of integrated marketing, sales, and CRM software so you can focus on generating leads and revenue and forget about managing a stack of scattered tools. Learn More



CRM knowledge

“We worked with the Bayard Bradford team when we implemented our new CRM. The process was seamless, switching from our old system Salesforce to our new system Hubspot. With their knowledge of both systems they made the integration and roll out simple.”

– Jeremy Bivins, Relevant Solutions

Easy and Effective

“The Bayard Bradford team makes it easy for us to stay focused on growing our business by delivering a seamlessly integrated, effective marketing and sales technology platform.”

– Bill Nash, Endeavor Management

Fantastic results

“We partnered with Bayard Bradford in early 2017 and implemented our marketing plan. Our plan utilizes Hubspot and we’ve experienced tremendous responses from our clients. The agency services provided by Bayard Bradford and Hubspot are the best I’ve experienced in my 20+ years of Marketing and Sales.”

– Chris Reiter, Polyflow

Our Leadership

 John Elmer – Chief Executive Officer

John leads our strategy and branding practice, and employs his 30+ years of consulting experience to help our clients with internal alignment, messaging and positioning, and technology adoption.

He is the past owner of Gelb Consulting (a strategic marketing firm) is a partner in Endeavor Management (a strategic advisory consultancy) and has been CMO for two technology startups.

Kevin Brady – Chief Marketing Officer

Kevin leads our marketing and sales practice, and oversees client engagements when they are functioning in “operations mode”.

Kevin had held leadership roles in sales and marketing for software, technology and manufacturing companies. He has also led development and commercialization efforts for a wide range of new technology products, primarily in oil and gas.

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