Communicate How You Solve Customer Problems

Brand Strategy • Value Propositions • Targeted Messaging


Before you can start generating sales leads from Inbound Marketing, or start producing authoritative content, you need to understand who are selling to and the value your products and services deliver to them.

Our Brand Toolkit services are designed to do just that.  We’ll guide you through Brand Strategy workshops and help you craft Value Propositions and Targeted Messages that provide differentiation from your competition.  Our Creative Team creates a consistent look and feel that promotes your brand and visually communicates your products and services through your website, marketing content, sales collateral, tradeshow booth, and other forms of advertising.

Maybe your business has grown by acquisition.  We are experts at integrating brands, linking products and services, and helping you create greater value and better offerings from what once was separate pieces.  Our tried and true brand integration methods reduce the pain when adding a new company to your portfolio, or launching a new internally-developed product.

We also know B2B communication.  We help you understand who your ideal customer is.  Then we help you build buyer personas around people like Manufacturing Engineer, Facilities Manager, Reliability Supervisor and Corrosion Specialist.

We help you understand the people you are trying to reach, and the companies that are most likely to buy.