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Intelligent business insights, powered by your data.

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calculate ROI are 1.6
more likely to
receive higher budgets

In-depth analytics, easy-to-share reporting, dynamic data visualizations – all in one comprehensive solution. With just a few clicks, by Bayard Bradford can help you integrate HubSpot’s databases with Tableau, and take control of your company’s data.

See your business in new ways

Enhance your HubSpot reporting through dynamic data visualization. Reconcile your sales and accounting data to find out which campaigns are closing the most leads using Tableau and your existing HubSpot databases. 

Bayard Bradford’s HubSpot to Tableau Integration can help you:

Showing one attribute of the larger lead nurturing process

Reconcile your Marketing data with your Sales and ERP data

Accurately track a lead from nurture to close and show attribution and hand off all in one dashboard.

Email with connection to Mailchimp and Hubspot Sales

Connect HubSpot Sales and MailChimp for Marketing

View email data alongside your sales data. 

Data stacked up to show complete back up protection

Backup your data

Recover and restore deleted fields and contacts.

Two boxing representing the link between Hubspot, SQL and Tableau

Use your HubSpot SQL backup to do even more

You can even directly connect it to another platform or dashboarding program, such as Power BI.

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39% of marketers say
proving the ROI of their
marketing activities is their
top marketing challenge.


When you work with Bayard Bradford, you get much more than a new way to see your company’s data – you gain a Certified HubSpot Partner to help you at every step along the way.

Our integration includes:

One hour of setup assistance
and technical support to make
the transition run smoothly.

Sales and marketing templates
to easily share your data and

The required cloud-based
server, data warehouse and a
template to simplify building
your reports.

A free 14-day trial to showcase
how HubSpot and Tableau
work together.

72% of organizations
that calculate ROI say
their marketing strategy
is effective.

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