Whether you are using Salesforce.com or the Hubspot Sales Professional CRM, choosing an administrator for your sales organization is a critical decision. Why? Because the skill and experience of the administrator has the biggest influence on the success of your CRM implementation. CRM administration should not be performed by the owner of the CRM (such as the VP of Sales or Marketing). And it does not belong in the hands of an “admin” or clerical support person with little or no experience managing SaaS applications.

System administrators in an IT department should have no difficulty with the basic functions of a CRM (such as user provisioning and assigning permissions). Beyond that, a trained CRM administrator is essential for companies with 10+ users. In our experience, the role of the administrator for a small organization is not necessarily a full-time position. In the initial stages of the implementation, the role will require more concentrated time (about 50 percent of a full-time position). After going live, managing the CRM day-to-day requires much less time – as little as an hour a day for smaller sales teams. That’s why Bayard Bradford offers the CRM Support Program. For a flat monthly fee, we provide expert “always on” CRM admin support to your sales team.