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The Ultimate Guide to HubSpot Sales Hub Deployment

How To Grow Your Sales With HubSpot CRM

Download the entire Ultimate Guide to HubSpot Sales Hub Deployment

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Chapter 9-

HubSpot CRM Administration

Database Hygiene

Better data drives better leads. Dirty data isn’t just clutter, it can be harmful. According to a study by Experian Research , bad data can cost up to 12% in lost revenue, not to mention the damage to user trust in the system. In some cases, keeping your database current and clean can be the only thing between a lead for you versus a lead for your competitor. That being said, it’s good to make it a habit to purge your data periodically. Here’s how to keep your data clean:

According to a study by Experian Research, bad data can cost up to 12% in lost revenue, not to mention the damage to user trust in the system.


Deduplicating your data via HubSpot is doable but it requires exporting to Excel, adjusting the data, and then re-importing. Deduplication services like Insycle and Deduply, have HubSpot integrations and are available through the Connect program.

DATABASE HYGIENE  |  Deduplication tools.
Here are two opps you can use in addition to HubSpot’s new machine learning-assisted deduplication

  • Contact and companies can both be deduplicated based on specific property values.
  • Contacts may also be deduplicated by a user-token set with a cookie in their web browser or by email address.
  • Contacts, companies, deals, and tickets can all deduplicated by a unique object ID included in an export of these records.
  • looks for your duplicate HubSpot contacts & companies. The platform allows you to merge duplicates in bulk.
  • help you deduplicate contacts in bulk and also works for companies and deals in HubSpot.

Using Workflows to Manage Records

Through HubSpot’s workflows, you can easily automate data-cleaning tasks and remove timely and manual tasks that leads to poor data in the first place. Here’s how:

  • Setting up Dashboards.

Lead Status is indicative of where your sales team is in the process of qualifying a lead into an opportunity and is left blank by default. You can create custom status options to assist with daily workflows with tasks such as new leads outreach, in-progress leads follow-up, or assigning leads back to marketing for further nurturing. You can create workflows to automatically set lead status to indicate whether a lead is “open” or “new”.

  • Contacted leads should have their status set to “In progress”.

Create a workflow that will automatically change Lead Status from blank, Open, or New to “In Progress” as soon as activity from your team is logged. Activities that will trigger the workflow could be an email, a call, a meeting, or notes containing updates.

  • Automatically assign leads.

You can also create a workflow that will automatically assign incoming leads to one of your sales reps based on certain parameters. This ensures no lead is left behind and that leads are touched within a reasonable amount of time if not right away. If you have a round robin approach for lead designation, you can set the workflow to work based on that rule and distribute leads to different sales reps as they are received

Taking advantage of HubSpot’s workflow feature for managing records will help you maintain a clean database and save you from bigger headaches in the long run

Hiring an Administrator For Sales Hub Enterprise

If you’re looking to hire a CRM administrator to your team, here are some descriptions that you can add to your job post to help attract the right candidate:

Job Functions

  • Manage global instance of HubSpot at the admin level
  • Author and contribute marketing operations documentation and processes
  • Play an integral part in evaluating marketing tech and implementing
  • Daily management and upkeep of HubSpot at the operations level, including list process and workflow management
  • Project manage marketing operations initiatives, including identifying business requirements and needs with stakeholders


Desired Skills and Experience

  • HubSpot Inbound and Partner Certifications strongly preferred