HubSpot to Power BI Integration

HubSpot to Power BI Integration

The Bayard Bradford HubSpot + Power BI Integration helps business analysts and decision makers to analyze data fluently.  Power BI offers a familiar Excel-based environment that is easy to learn.  Power BI is already included with most Microsoft Office365 subscriptions.  Connectors are available for other data sources.

Our connector has a simple point and click setup, and includes the required cloud-based server and data warehouse (provided by the Microsoft Azure cloud computing platform) and a template to simplify building your Power BI reports.  We include setup assistance in the first month to ensure the connector, server and database are all working properly.

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How does it work?

HubSpot provides access to their APIs to access both custom and standard data across both the marketing platform and the CRM. The application synchronizes your data between HubSpot and an Azure SQL database which is dynamically generated and updated at different intervals depending on your needs.

You will be provided access to your secure Microsoft Azure SQL server upon automated generation of your database and within 24 hours you will have the ability to report on your HubSpot data directly out of Power BI. We will also provide a template and on-boarding assistance at no extra cost to you.

Your data can be queried and edited inside of Power BI and it will not affect the integrity of the HubSpot database or the SQL server. This allows you to reconcile your sales data with your accounting data inside of Power BI without the cost of integrating those two systems directly. Our Integration Includes “Contacts” and “Companies” Data, as well as “Deal” data.

Example Interactive Sales Dashboard with HubSpot Data

What are the applications Required for this Integration?

Power BI is a cloud-based platform for creating and sharing real-time data visualizations. It features templates for popular data sources and drag-and-drop capabilities for building charts. Users can create reports, dashboards, and visualizations without having to rely on IT staff.

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HubSpot is inbound marketing and sales software with a robust CRM Attached to it. Bayard Bradford is a Certfied HubSpot Partner and developed this integration according to HubSpot’s best practices.

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What makes our app different from an ODBC Solution?

  • Bayard Bradford’s HubSpot to Power BI connector is a complete cloud-based solution that does not require you to provide any hardware or additional software.  You only need HubSpot and Power BI. We provide everything else.
  • ODBC requires installation on a computer.
  • OBDC connects to Power BI Desktop (not the new cloud version).  Our connector is entirely cloud-based, so there is no software to install.
  • In order to have the automatic syncing on an regular basis, you need a server and a database for storing HubSpot data. 

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