Improve Close Rates with Sales Enablement


Does it feel like your salespeople aggressively wait for the phone to ring?


Sales Enablement Strategy

As you begin to generate a steady stream of inbound leads through your website, we need to equip your team with the strategies and tools to close them as customers and become a more efficient sales team. After all, this work is only as good as the revenue it produces.

Because sales teams vary greatly in size and makeup, our approach to Sales Enablement also varies. But we always start the same way – we begin by gaining a thorough understanding of how your current sales process works and how your ideal customer buys. Then we seek to create tight alignment (a Service Level Agreement) between Sales and Marketing – so each group understands their part of the process – and how they are held accountable.

We’ll work with your Sales team to develop a workflow for the pursuit of inbound leads. Once the Service Level Agreement is established there should be no question about what needs to happen when a website visitor submits a form. Who receives the form submission? What is the first step in reaching out to that lead? What is the response time? How many follow-ups? On what timeline? Which are manual and which are automated? When does a lead get kicked back to Marketing for more nurturing?  Our team works with yours to establish a Sales Playbook which guides actions.  And we help you modify and adjust it along the way.

After we agree upon a workflow and everyone understands their role, we help you implement the right CRM and marketing automation tools to aid this process. This makes your team as efficient as possible.

Once your Sales Enablement program has been deployed, we’ll work with your sales team on an ongoing basis to assure no qualified lead will be left behind.

Inbound Sales Analyst

Inbound marketing has one goal: Generate qualified leads. But the responsibility for closing those deals lies with sales. It can be an uphill battle to ensure that the transition of leads to the sales team is consistent, smooth and effective. To help sales and marketing cooperate like a well-oiled machine, communication between the two sides should be systematic and organized.

Bayard Bradford’s Inside Sales Support program is designed to improve the close rate as your sales team identifies and pursues marketing-qualified leads. Building on the principles of Sales Enablement, our Inside Sales Support program acts as an extension of your account team. It is the sales intelligence weapon that gives your team a leg up. You’ll know when and how to communicate with a prospect to create more opportunities, engage in more meaningful conversations, and ultimately close more deals. It’s an advantage your competition doesn’t have.