Your website is your biggest marketing asset and is the centerpiece of all your marketing activities. Growth-Driven Design is tightly integrated with marketing & sales. What we learn about visitors helps inform and improve marketing & sales strategies and tactics.

Google values fresh content

The average website sits for two years or more without any major changes or updates. Your website should be a living, breathing entity on the internet. Every update you make to your website once it is “live” on the internet plays a part in its interaction with visitors, customers, and the powerful search engines. However, a static website without updates of any kind may be viewed by search engines as a “dead” entity – with no life and nothing new to offer. Plus, your customers have no reason to come back, and your prospects may not find anything exciting.

Fresh content increases your Authority potential

One major goal of growth-driven design is increasing your page authority in Google’s eyes. How? “Content is king.” The more informative, valuable content you can publish that pertains to your industry, the greater authority potential your website enjoys.

Continuous data-driven improvement

Using website analytics and A/B tests, we learn over time how your site visitors use your website and consume your content. This data guides the ongoing enhancements we make to grow your visitor-to-lead conversion rate. The end result is more good opportunities for your sales team.