“Going digital transformed our sales and marketing.”

Most industrial companies use their websites as “digital brochures” for hard selling their products or services to prospective customers. But this approach is old-school, backward and doesn’t cut it in today’s digital spaces. You need a content creation and communication system focused on attracting and converting visitors into leads.

The reality is that a majority of your website visitors are there to research solutions to their problems and evaluate their buying options, something they’re also doing on your competitors’ websites.

Inbound marketing is focused on attracting customers through relevant and educational content and adding value at every stage in your customer’s buying journey. We design lead generation programs that turn anonymous website visitors into leads with names, phone numbers and email addresses. Fairly simple, right? Keep reading.

At the core of your Inbound Marketing strategy is content. Being found on the web means understanding who you need to attract and where they currently look for information. Our job starts with learning what kind of information your ideal customers seek during their buying processes. What problems are they trying to solve? What questions are they trying to answer? What solutions do they need? From there, we work with you to create content that addresses each, while establishing trust in your company. Then, we design a plan to target them where they’re already gathering information – from search engines, on industry websites and on social networking sites like LinkedIn.

Content that sells

This customer-focused content will signal to your ideal buyers that “this company understands me.” It prompts them to fill out a consultation request form or pick up the phone.

Through a combination of search engine optimization, guest authorship on industry journals, social media and, in some cases, paid advertising and targeted sponsored posts, our job is to assure broad exposure for your content in front of your ideal buyers. The result is growth in targeted website traffic – the first step in generating qualified inbound leads.

Growth-Driven Design

Once your lead generation infrastructure is in place, we commence with growth-driven design — the process of continuous website improvement.

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Sales Enablement

With a lead generation strategy in place, we turn to your sales team. Here’s how we help them pursue inbound leads.

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