Long-term strategic solutions for growth-focused companies

Bayard Bradford works with mid-sized B2B manufacturing, industrial and energy-based companies to attract the right kinds of leads and turn them into clients.

For us, that process starts with aligning with companies that are ready to hit the ground running and partner with us to accelerate their success.

Our typical clients are


Complex B2B sales

Mid-market industrial, energy and manufacturing

Offer unique products or services, not commodities

Internally, we partner with

CEO, VP of sales or
marketing executives

Subject matter experts
ready for the spotlight

Our clients are often challenged by

Growing 15-20%
or more a year

Filling a pipeline with
sales qualified leads

Tracking an ROI to
marketing spend

Breaking out of relationship-only
sales models

To meet these challenges, we work with them to create

A refreshed go-to-market strategy and implementation

CRM adoption throughout their sales organization

Automated lead generation systems

Accountability in their sales process, cutting waste and making progress tracking easy

Does That Sound Like You?