Increasing Prospect Engagement in Midstream Oil & gas

Creating reporting and data tracking improvements to a CRM can improve user adoption by providing user teams with data that is easily accessible, relevant and accurate.

In this case study, we share how Bayard Bradford enabled a client to generate 189 leads and $3.3 million in new business revenue by implementing an inbound marketing and account-based marketing strategy. We share how to generate more leads through distributing relevant content for each stage of the buyer’s journey. And you’ll learn how implementing a CRM increases prospect engagement. 

The Challenge:
Attracting today's digitally savvy Buyers

The client designs, builds and installs reinforced thermoplastic pipe systems. The company’s leadership knew that buyer teams lacked familiarity with their product, thus making them likely to select competitor products.

Awareness and buyer education is crucial to securing a larger share of the market and expanding the customer base outside of upstream energy. We helped them realize that today’s B2B buyers go online to research products and even request quotes and meetings with sales.

The Approach:
Engaging content and Targeted communications

Bayard Bradford began by auditing the current marketing and sales materials and processes. From there we developed educational content for each stage of the buyer’s journey to convert new prospects, nurture leads and aid the sales team in turning these leads into customers. This content was then promoted through blog, newsletter and sponsored campaigns.

In addition, Bayard Bradford implemented HubSpot CRM to track leads and automate follow-up when content was accessed. Simultaneously integrating the existing Salesforce system with HubSpot allowed qualified leads generated by inbound marketing to sync directly with the sales team. As leads began to enter the system, Bayard Bradford introduced the Inbound Sales Analyst role. The analyst views newly-generated leads and activity from existing leads in order to ensure that marketing qualified leads (MQLs) become sales qualified leads (SQLs) and that the sales team can follow up in a timely manner. 

The Results:
Lead and Revenue Generation

Over the 12-month campaign, the client reported 12K user sessions resulting in 8K new users, 192 leads, and $3.3m generated in revenue from new business. With the resources provided by Bayard Bradford, the existing leads were better nurtured to ensure long term relationships.

The net result of their engagement was a completely fresh way of looking at marketing. It was clear, engaging new leads, combined with an enhanced digital environment unequivocally maximized opportunities. Thanks to these engineered improvements the client saw an increase in the quantity and quality of MQLs and ultimately SQLs.

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