enhancing outbound marketing with customized solutions

Creating reporting and data tracking improvements to a CRM can improve user adoption by providing user teams with data that is easily accessible, relevant and accurate.

In this case study, we share how Bayard Bradford integrated HubSpot and Salesforce into a highly customized solution that seamlessly enhances outbound marketing, simplifies inbound lead collection and effortlessly tracks ROI.

The Challenge:
Simplify Lead Generation

Bayard Bradford worked with a large provider of time-clock systems and software to overcome their technological and informational hurdles. The client faced difficulties with the incorporation of a CRM system because they required a non-standard integration to accommodate their custom website and requests. The client wished to eliminate the need for Mailchimp while automating leads and using web-to-lead functionality. In addition to efficiency, the client wanted to track the effectiveness of their digital marketing efforts while gaining a greater understanding of the possibilities digital marketing and HubSpot offer.

The Approach:
A custom integration

Bayard Bradford exported Mailchimp contacts and mailing history, cleaned the data, then matched it with their existing Salesforce data. Next, key properties were recreated in HubSpot in order to sync the two CRMs.

A subset of data was migrated to HubSpot in order to properly test the entirely customized integration, forms and website before going live. Bayard Bradford provided training on all newly implemented tools as well as explanations regarding all updates and modifications.

PowerBI Dashboard in Salesforce

The Results:
Simplified Outreach, Lead Generation, & Tracking

Bayard Bradford implemented an automated workflow to ensure the client could send over 300,000 emails each month while seamlessly connecting email, webinar and custom website form leads to lead conversion and routing in Salesforce.

The net result of the customized HubSpot integration was a plethora of new digital marketing tools as well as vital tracking and reporting tools to measure their ROI. Which when paired with hands-on training resulted in highly knowledgeable team members.

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