Sales people simply spend too much time nurturing leads when their time is better spent closing qualified leads. We take the pressure off of the sales team to constantly nurture these unqualified leads by implementing automated lead nurturing.

People interact with companies online through several channels: direct web traffic, email marketing and social media. We track these interactions in order to craft a story around each lead. What are they interested in? Where have they taken the most demonstrative actions? Do those actions indicate interest? Are they becoming aware of the problem they have, considering how to fix it, or deciding on the solution to use?

All these questions can be answered with data. Each action taken has a requisite score associated with it that pushes leads further down the funnel. By the time a lead has shown appropriate levels of interest and gained value from the content provided by your company, their lead score will graduate them to sales ready status. At that point, the sales team operates at its best and highest use: closing. The leads they speak to will be highly qualified, increasing closed won rates and the overall efficiency of the sales cycle.