We specialize in PE-owned businesses

Improve processes and increase sales with Bayard Bradford.

For a PE firm, the strength of a sale depends on the value a company can bring in after improvements. We specialize in working with PE firms to make marketing changes needed to help companies in their portfolio thrive.

From CRM, sales and marketing automation, branding and website development, and company integration/combination, Bayard Bradford can help you accelerate the timeline from lead to close with tech and process improvements with our PE firm program.

PE Firm Program

Analyze existing systems and processes

We want to know what is currently in place, how success is measured and who is tracking everything.

Implement or streamline Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and integrate CRM with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and other existing systems.

We match CRM to the sales process and integrate it with existing systems for a full view of a company’s marketing vitality.

Train the sales team

We work with each company’s sales team to Increase efficiency through automated systems and processes.

Integrate Power BI dashboard to close the gap between the lead-to-quote pipeline (CRM) and backlog (ERP)

We work to identify and implement account-based marketing opportunities by getting a better look at who you have and haven’t worked with using your existing systems.

Identify areas for improvement

We empower the C-Suite with the increased visibility they need to make the best decisions possible.

Go to market with new tech, better processes and a clear path to increased revenue

We act as an extension of your team to develop a growth marketing strategy and executing that with the goal of making long-term gains while racking up quick wins.

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Maximize your portfolio’s value